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Notorious (or not…I wasn’t able to tell)…Well, FAMOUS Billie’s Bar in the Big Apple….Take a seat at the bar and have a couple of pints of KorninSchfagel Ale and some peanuts Billie swept up off the floor when the circus was in town….Doesn’t get any better than that at Billie’s (which is not necessarily a compliment)….

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Another happy redhead—this one a certified Hollywood Star who doesn’t get loopy on drugs and booze—ready to greet the New Year….With sparkling bottled water with a cork, of course!!

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Vargas Numero Two (or Deux) (or Dah!)….Another from the Master of the Pinup!!….Lovely!

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Shoeless in Seattle–Well, actually Russia—beautiful, haunting, mysterious–I think.

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On the Street Where You Live—If You’re Lucky–Colorful People Live Here!

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Another majestic hallway to stroll down! Awe-inspiring!