Quizzlerslammer Considered to be the Best Blogger Ever By Folks Who Don’t Know Much!

Quizzlerslammer hails from somewhere in the Midwest–he used to SNOW from somewhere in the Midwest, but global climate change has changed his snow to hail.  He is used to snowjobs, however, and is having a very difficult time adjusting to hailjobs.  Perhaps it was his ‘umble ‘upbringing on the “wrong side of the tracks” in a small city in the Midwest which, to be honest, had no trains, no tracks, and no Big Boy!  Perhaps it was the influence of his old man who considered Quizzlerslammer (hereafter, “Quiz”) to be more invisible than Claude Rains in that crazy-old 1933 version of H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man” (you know, the one where he’s either laughing like a maniac or maniacally laughing!).  His parentals already had two of the male gender and longed only (or “only longed”) for a female-gendered offspring (which they subsequently got some 6 years later).  When the genitalia that popped out turned out to be of an other sort, they were pissed, miffed, and discombobulated—well, the old man was in the lounge sucking on a cigar so he didn’t get pissed, miffed, and discombobulated until the nurse, Thelma Mae Mae, burst from the birthing area (not called that then) to apprise him of the news—-for unto you, Old Man, a child is born and that child’s name is Invisible (as you previously requested me, Thelma Mae Mae, to tell you if the child was “hung”).  My mom, being of a patient-loving-and-kind nature until my Old Man turned her into Zelda Fitzgerald, accepted her new Male Child with enthusiasm and affection (which was evident only when my Old Man was not around—and after my Old Man turned her into a Zombie, were evident not at all—-still I greatly appreciated her efforts then and still do many years after she passed on at a young age from just being sick of it all!).  It turned out that this Invisible, Unwanted Male-Child was actually quite creative, imaginative, very funny sense-of-humor-wise, and brilliant in academics (at least in that small city in the Midwest and the small college in the Midwest and…..  Well, let’s just say, until all of those qualities were beaten out of him by the poor choices he made in a father, girlfriends, wives, and jobs).  All of these qualities went totally unnoticed by the Old Man who treated Quiz-the-Invisible as either invisible or the perfect target for brutal emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse.  Fortunately, Quiz had been born with a distinct fear of anything and everything—with massive anxiety disorder which turned into “disorders” as his life progressed—so he was totally incapable of dealing with his poor choices in father, girlfriends, wives, and jobs, accepting the imaginary fact that unless he caved into all of these horrible choices/horrible people on absolutely everything THE SKY WAS GOING TO FALL (AND IT WAS A SKY FILLED WITH LAWN DARTS, FIREBALLS, AND GRENADES!!)….   MORE LATER!


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