QuizzlerSlammer’s Blog Devoted to Lovers of Fun, Adventure & Visual/Intellectual Edification……Including knowledge related to the universe (Big Bang Theory and more!) and the life and loves of real people, celebrities, madmen & madwomen (often celebrities, by the way).monumental figures and moments in history, and sundry other topics in need of enhanced explication and exhibition.   And Photography & Art (a compendium of any an all paintings of significance relating to life, nature, and the pursuit of happiness & sappiness),  As to all of these topics, and so much more, I present, for your considerable consideration, the entries in this most excellent blog (called, by the NY Times “the best blog of this or any other blogging era, past, present or future; Dickens would be licking the soles of QuizzlerSlammer’s size 13 loafers were he alive and still able to lick”).   My purpose here is “pure as the driven snow”!!


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