The wunderbar Jennifer “Jenny on the H.R. Block” Lopez… Lopez… OK, so a lot of people (folks) tell me that Jennifer Lopez is soooooooo yesterday and so washed-up (career-wise, not like “bathing-wise”) and I say I care why???….Never seen any of her movies, don’t recall any of her songs, know that she’s married to Marc Anthony (is that the same guy from that Shakespeare play??), shows up at all of the big events. etc., etc……..But being the curious Quizzler that I am I decided I’d google Google images and take the first photo that popped up as an indicator of how she’s doing…..Well, let me tell you, she’s doing GREAT, super, couldn’t be better, “who could ask for anything more” terrific!!!….I still won’t see any of her movies or remember any of her songs, but I won’t fall for that she’s all washed-up malarkey anymore….I should be doing 1/10,000th this great!!….Well, actually, I AM doing 1/10,000th this great….Does anybody have a can opener for my beans??….


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