One of my best friends, Zhukina Jankowski, is very, very, very upset with the bad, bad, bad people (if they ARE “people”—oh, that’s right, corporations are people,too!) at StumbleUpon… Just a few hours ago, over a Choco-tini at Barb & Marv’s NeverInn Tavern and Bakery over on Positively 4th Street, Zhuky was ranting on and on about how these Greedy Scuzzbags (I had to ask her to define who these Greedy Scuzzbags were because there are SO frickin’ many of them around these days….You see them in Debates, at Town Halls, sitting at desks in Congressional Chambers, appearing on FauxNoise and FauxBusinessNoise and ZZZZZ-NBC Business… You see them running lots of States these days (running them into the economic and moral GROUND, that is) or running BIGGER THAN BIG PIGGY financial institutions (sometimes running what you once thought were your friendly-kindly-and-giving local banks—you didn’t know THEY were pigs until they started oinking in unison with the Big Piggy Institutions that now owned them!!… You see them at work, at the mall, at the school board and village board and town board meetings, at the local watering holes that you used to be able to go to and have a decent conversation without being attacked for not hating the poor-the sick-the disabled-the oldsters-and even the kids of the poorsickdisabledoldster crowd and not believing that climate change–which just melted the glacier in your backyard–is a HOAX or that humans roamed with the dinosaurs just 7000 years ago or that allowing someone who is drugged-beaten-and-raped by her Daddy to have an abortion or even given a morning-after pill is a morally and socially bankrupt act… You see them everywhere you go these days… They weren’t always there, but THEY’RE THERE NOW!!)… And now, after some of my great Stumble Friends and great Stumble Posters have worked for years to develop a spectacular online community of Sharing Interests and Thoughts Illuminated by or Expressed through Photos and “Words, it turns out that the Powers that Be of this Online Community ARE TOTAL FREAKIN’ GREEDY SCUZZBAGS, TOO!! Well, it’s just too, too much to take!! And, my dear Quiz, we know that Greedy Scuzzbags dont’ destroy the object of their own efforts and creativity for nothing!! The Greedy Scuzzbags destroy it so they can make more money, money, money, someplace else—it’s a damn CONSPIRACY, my Quiz, a damn CONSPIRACY!! And some of our Stumble Friends have posited just that…A Freakin’ Conspiratorial Bunch of Greedy Scuzzbags conspiring with another group of Greedy Scuzzbags who are involved in the same online “community sharing” activity—or WORSE!!—to make mucho dollar-o out of Squish-Squashing the Community of StumbleUpon to create a monster (kind of like the monstrous Wally-Marty) that will compete with the other Monsters (kind of like the Facebook-y)… Oh, I don’t know dear Quiz, I don’t know what to think… All I know is that once a Scuzzbag always a Scuzzbag… So now that they’ve morphed into to Scuzzdom Scuzzes, THEY BE DOOMED TO ETERNAL SCUZZBAGGY-HOOD!!”… And with that we ordered a couple of gallons of Choco-tini to take home and vowed to fight until the Bitterest of Bitter Ends of What was Once called Camelot!!…


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