I think it’s time for all of us to DRINK HEAVILY… Be it beer, be it bottled water filled by the French from their taps, be it whiskey, be it wine… Let’s all Hoist One for all those who have made this fun and creative and “beauty-finding” adventure in StumbleLand such a joy over these many years!! I’ve become a Visually Educated Being because of my wanderings here and will be forever (well, until I croak) grateful to all those who have put in so much creative and loving effort into finding the most brilliant and interesting images, many of them incredibly humorous or bizarre or both, many of them just plain gorgeous, many of them thought-provoking and emotionally moving… And all of them touched by the imagination and genius of each individual’s brain and each individual’s soul… Different brains and different souls indeed, but almost universally honest and heartfelt efforts to share a bit of one’s concept of beauty or nature or humor or significant thought… So HOIST ONE for the Stumblers and pray that all of us may find a way to migrate our images and thoughts to other sites where we may once again share our individuality with those who seek to know us, however slightly…


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