Posted: August 8, 2010 in animals*L*i2j6puawasxyYMi235otglF7vZLB-p3Bdkglmv28U9klXQgM9OlaGWm2-e6Yo6y2jjQxPjsx12Kqvt7jcx99ua8e/yveslecoq.jpg

Contemplating the future of mankind after the Industrial Age, Industrialized War, the Rise of Financial Institution Thievery, Wars of the Twentieth Century, Wars of the Twenty-First Century, the Rise of the Neo-Cons. the Death of the Concept of Caring for the Survival of the Planet, etc., etc., etc……Lots to Ponder…..But they’d better hurry!…..Reverse Evolution Waits for No One!…..


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