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Most excellent!….Namib Desert, Namibia…I really like this (and thanks to Janine for this….you’re my heroine!), but it scares me that it from the Corporate Fine Art Gallery….Does that mean we have to bail them out every time we stumble on this site??….Sure, lure is in with beautiful fine art and then pick our pockets and then cut our pockets out of our pants or skirt and then rip off our pants or skirt and have their way with us!!….Isn’t that how big corporations operate!???…..I’m sure it is….Oh, I forgot, after the Big Corporations have their way with us, they murder us by depriving us of food, shelter, and hope!!….And then they deny it on FOX “news,” telling the dopey anchor man or short-skirted anchor woman that they know nothing about it and it was our fault anyway because death is one of those personal decisions that big corporations, out of their love for their countrymen/women, would never, ever get involved in!!!

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I can’t tell you how many times during an average week that I find myself singing or humming a John Lennon or Paul McCartney or George Harrison (and sometimes even Ringo) song…….My love for the Beatles hath no bounds!……My favorite Lennon songs (with McCartney’s help in some cases) are ……well, there are just too many to mention…..and I love them all!!……After the death of Mozart at such a young age, I think of the death of Lennon at 40 to be the single greatest musical loss ever!!…..I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan, too, and to think of what he accomplished after 40…..Well, that puts in a proper perspective, methinks!…..Why I was just singing “A Day in the Life” and “Rain” to myself just before I happened on this excellent artistic rendering of a Lennon photo…….and before that “Norwegian Wood,” “Hide Your Love Away,” and “Dear Prudence”…..and before that…..well,, my life is crammed full of Beatles, Dylan, Stones, and Kinks songs…..and Springsteen, too.

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“The Flapper”…..Cover of the venerable Life Magazine……1922…….The next week’s cover was titled “The Lapper” with a photo of a young Al Capone getting a lapdance from F. Scott Fitzgerald….Really….I kid you not!

Blake, Part II….or, if you’re Franc-a-dome, Part Deux (Durh)…

The ever-popular “Gossip Girl” celebrity-plus, Blake Lively……

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The Firebird Ballet, painting by Russian painting and costume designer Leon Bakst……Better known as “Leon the Bakstabber”……Just joking…..

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Haunting image from Stumbler PantherBlake! Scarily mysterious!!