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One of the very best photos of Marilyn Monroe…..And you can’t ask for more than that, can you…..I mean really, can you??? href=”″>

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Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett!!….Oops, screwed up again….in a very nice way, of course….I’m always nice…Stupido sometimes, but always nice….I was brought up by a brutal sadistic father and a frightened-beyond-belief mother to be that way…..Well, I guess I just lucked into being a very, very nice human being because with parents like that I should have ended up being…..well, you fill in the blank (after reading several issues of “Psychology Today,” of course, and talking it over with all of your friends who are currently seeing shrinks or psychologists for deep, deep, deep personal problems caused by childhood neglect and abuse)…Oh, did I mention what a lovely, lovey photo this is of Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett!!…..Johansson, of course.

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Great modern (depending on your definition of “modern”—not so many years back, last year, 20th Century on, etc.) sculpture by master sculptor Naum Gabo….Head No. 2….I tried to find Head No. 1, but couldn’t…I guess Naum didn’t know how to count…

Julie Blackmon

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“Sick Boy”….by Julie Blackmon…2008….Bet you wouldn’t have guessed in 35 days and 12 seconds that the title of this work would be “Sick Boy”

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Thank the gods that be (and the gods that be not)…Gee, I’m sounding like I’m Ancient Grecian or Ancient Roman or just Ancient)…Jessica DID find an appropriate fashion statement for the Bankrupt Babe Bash in Malibu (see below, unless the image has been deleted….if that’s the case, just use your Barney Imagination!!)….And she had still had time to stop by the local 7-11 for a bottle of my favorite, Campari Red Looking Water with Pure Grain Alcohol (they sell it only at that Malibu 7-11 which was like a second home to me….well, actually WAS my home…when I was stranded by a P.O.’d girlfriend from Frisco a few years back)….Anyway, super look on the normally plain and drab Ms. Alba (cough, cough)

From Shorpy’s Photo Archive (the quintessential place to look for photos of old, placed in historical context….that means that Shorpy writes a line or two about each photo…nothing elaborate…wouldn’t want to strain yourself now Shorpy, would you???)…Anyway, spectacular photo of wealthy heiress Louise Cromwell in her furs (boooooooo!) in 1911….She would go on to do things wealthy heiresses do….She married the Great (with the great ego) General Douglas McArthur in 1922….Of course, Dougie wasn’t a general, then…..Think he was selling Kirby Vacuum Cleaners door-to-door back then (while being a weekend warrior with the local cub scout troups during their annual training at Bob & Delphine’s Camp for Boys and a Few Girls in Origami State Park near Hilbert, Wisconsin….Maybe.

Marta Laura (49 – 5.05Mb) & ,

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