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Why the Italian Police will catch you and the Village of Bagley’s Corners, Wisconsin, Policia (lots of Italians there—otherwise, like other municipalities around these parts, they’d have called it the Bagley’s Corners Cop Shop) won’t!!!…..Actually, if they pull over Javier Bardem’s character in “No Country for Old Men,” the result would be the same……A hot lookin’ police car isn’t all there is to bringin’ in the bad guys….and Javier was one really, really, really bad, bad, bad guy…..Still, if the gods decided it was my time and I had gone through one of those red light cameras and not paid my $95 fine and the Italian Police sent one of these to my house, I’d gladly take the ride down to the Police-a-torium to be tortured…..Oh, that’s right, they only do that torturing sort of thing here….Over there, they set you up with a nice Italian woman and send you to Tuscany for an evening of wine and revelry…..Or so I’ve been told!….Thanks to my friend Isabella860812 for this…..great series of Policia Car Photographias!!

Grapefruit Moon Gallery: Pot Luck!

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No wonder I miss Las Vegas so much…..I wonder if they still have those massive, all-you-can-gorge buffets for $2.98 or those foot-long-plus hot dogs for 50 cents (with a drink—any drink—thrown in), or those slot machines where you could actually win one out of every 5 spins….or the Rat Pack….Haven’t been there in a while so just don’t know….Certainly hope this pin-up is still there (pin-ups don’t age so she should be)….and all those coins throbbling and clangaling into the metal tray and then, but for her black dress, onto the floor…Thank the gods for that black dress!!…and all of those winnings!!…Ah yes, I remember going home one time with $300 profit and two show girls from the Tropicana!!….Or was it 2 dollar profit and 300 of those little “date cards” with naughty pictures that the boys deal out on the Strip??….Wonder if Vegas is still like that?…I wonder if you thing I’m insane???

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Just one more Banksy….These works are irresistible to a creatively-bankrupt person such as moi…I can be vicariously creative through my god of creativity, Banksy (just jokin’)….Anyway, here, Thomas the Tank Engine accidentally falls asleep without setting his Claymore mines and fireworks trip-wire around his hulking engine-hood (comparable to “hulking manhood,” I guess) and naughty, nasty graffiti bad guys (sorry Kids, there are bad PEOPLE in the world, not just bad train engines…The lesson from today’s show…Brought to you by Sugarine, the sugar-packed breakfast cereal for kids who want to become dental patients and/or die of horrible sugar-related diseases)….One of Banksy’s fans expressed Banksy’s talent thusly: “the kind of work that flings shit into the eyes of our overly commercialized, materialistic and hypocritical society. No use trying to cover yourself because no one is safe….Oh, and thanks to my awesomest Stumbler Friend Gilbert for guiding me to these Bank-a-licious works of art!!

Posted: July 17, 2009 in animals

Posted: July 17, 2009 in animals

“Kate Moss”….Silk-Screen by the famous eclectic artist Banksy (no relative of Velma Banky, the silent screen star….the subtle difference in their names solidifies that!!)…Speaking of subtle differences, note that one of the subtle differences here is that the very last Kate Moss does NOT have a collar….Surely there is great significance in that….Anyway, I like numerous works by Banksy so check this artist out on Google Images and have a very, very interesting hour or so of saying “Neat!” or “You’ve got to be kidding me!” or “That’s it!–the perfect image for our times!!”….At least I found myself saying those things to myself…Of course, I say a lot of things to myself…and hardly any of them make sense…Now the voices that I hear, THEY make sense!!

Another from the site that Analepsis guided us all (meaning those of “us” who are important to Analespis OR those of us included in the “Send to Everybody in the Universe” button on Analepsis’ Stumble Page…I would hope it is the former….and knowing how spectacular a human being she must be to post such magnificence on a regular basis, I’m SURE it is the FORMER rather than the latter)….”Boys” by Willian E. Rochfort (who is fortunate not to have a middle name that begins with “C”)…..Back in my boyhood days, we had no fences in my neighborhood…so late at night (9:30 or so in the summer) we’d just wander from yard to yard doing really juvenile stuff (because we were, when one thinks about it, JUVENILES!)….Stuff like farting near the open living room of some couple (any couple) watching whatever was on at 9 and then wafting our hands (funny word “wafting”) to send those most amenable of smells right on to their laps….and then running like all get-out to make sure that they the man of the house didn’t come out and beat the crap out of us…..Wow, were we lame!….Maybe because we didn’t have fences to look over….I just don’t know.

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OK, I know Katharine McPhee was a finalist or something on a show I’ve never, ever watched, but I came across this photo and I thought to myself, well darn, doesn’t she have a talented pair of legs!!…Actually, she’s quite stunning….I’m not sure how her professional singing career is going (or whatever she’s trying to do is going), but she certainly takes a nice photo, don’t you think?