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Posted: May 31, 2009 in animals

Thought I’d share this view with you before I sign off….Tomorrow is Monday-Workday, my favorite day of the week next to Torture-Me-for-Twenty-Four-Hours-Day (which can occur on any given day of the week, depending on how much trouble you are in or how much trouble other people have put you in)….I have to start thinking more positively about work and my fellow employees….Because I will be with many of them for the next 78 years (according to my revised Possible Retirement Date calculations….which I did with the help of a Ouija Board by evil witch-like Great Aunt Cassandra gave to me…..She always told me that I’d be in abject failure in making money in life, but I never believed her…..Now I do….in spades)….Good night….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Thanks to my Stumbler Friend Expressioniste for this…..A short walk on a long pier…..Or is it “A long walk on a short pier”???……Whatever gets me to the end of this pier, the short or the long of it, is fine with me—-I’m sure the view will be tres spectaculare!!

Posted: May 29, 2009 in animals

Heidi Klum (see below) doing a photo-shoot in the backroom of the Viener Restaurant (prior to eating the German “Big as Your Head” Schnitzel Plate) for “German Eating and Modeling Magazine”….I’ve always liked Heidi (although I can’t really pinpoint why?), but when I found out she liked the schnitzel, I became Lady Ga-Ga (well, Guy Ga-Ga, Lady’s half-brother on her second cousin Butrows brother’s side) over Frau Heidi (Seal being her husband and all)….

Posted: May 29, 2009 in animals

The ever-popular (and we can see why) Uber-model Heidi Klum stopped by to visit downtown Bagleys Corners the other day…Well, she came to that fine burgh only to eat at the famous Bagleys Corners’ German restaurant, Viener Mein Schnitzel, over on Deadbody Drive (gee, Bagleys needs to get a new street-namer, dontcha think?) and have its specialty, the German “Big as Your Head” Plate (with 3 pounds of varied German sausages, a half-pound of German potato salad, a half-pound of sauerkraut. a weighty loaf of thikc German bread, and a 32 ounce “your choice” German beer…dessert is optional)….Well, Heidi’s goal was to be as inconspicuous as possible as she strolled along Deadbody Drive, but as you can see, she failed miserably (where was Seal when you need him, huh?), with hundreds of Bagley-ites lining the street and gawking like children confronted with twelve huge bowls of their favorite candies!!!…Eventually, she made it to the Viener and had lunch with the local dignitaries, Mayor Dick Dorkmeier, Village Board President Syllybot Dorkmeieier, and the Grand Poobah from the local German Knights of Columbus chapter, Marlayna-Dietrich Dorkmeier….They all had the “Big as Your Head” plate, but to Heidi’s credit, she finished last, several seconds behind the Grand Poobah….And then they all had apfel kuchen with another 32 ounce beer…Then Heidi, being the glorious celebrity that she is, dragged herself back down Deadbody Street, through the screaming/adoring fans to her Deluxe Suite at Bob & Joyce’s Never-Inn (free continental German “Big as Your Head” breakfast)….What a gal!!

Posted: May 26, 2009 in animals

Thanks to my Stumbler Friend Dobedobedo for this lovely painting by Paul Cesar Helleu….”Camara”….which is either this glorious Lady-in-Shades-of Red’s name or the model of her jazzy, but not too pricey, but pricey enough, automobile….Brings to mind a 60’s song that my papa (I hate to call him “Dad”—such a jerk—so I get back at him by calling him horrid names like “papa”–“Mein Freudenheisen”—“my man!”) used to sing around the house, “Cara Mia Why, Must We Say Good-Bye, I’ll be your love till the end—till the end of, ah—Tiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmme”…..People tell me that the song is actually quite wonderful and quite wonderfully performed by Sir Jay and Zee El Americanos, but all I can think of when I hear the title are those dreadnastic tones dripping from my papa’s unnaturally large and often unnaturally spittle-covered lips…..So I guess it’s not one of my favorites….Sorry Jay!!

Posted: May 24, 2009 in animals

Argh!…..The Splendiferous Marilyn Monroe in a rare photo that captures her as a fashion icon….Argh!….Pirate Quizzler (no, I’m not an online pirate or an actual sea pirate, I’m just pretending to be a pretend pirate who loves Marilyn Monroe photos….Is that a sin, I ask ye???…Nargh!!

Posted: May 22, 2009 in animals

Oh, just one more wedding dress from my second favorite wedding fashion blog (what’s a mature and sensible man doing dablling around in wedding dress photos—-I wouldn’t know!), Bob&DicksIfIWasaWeddlingPlannerLikeJenniferLopezInThat….Also known as the Made-in-China Blog….What’s that all about????