Gosh, even though I haven’t been a smoker of “The Smoke of Hell,” I have, from time to time, been around Good Girls who’ve partaken of “The Devil’s Harvest”…..And none of them, not one of them, was other than a “Good Girl” after they had so partaken….They did, however, immediately after partaking, rush up to their bedrooms and change into long, silky, split to the hip dresses with sexy stockings…..So maybe there is some partial truth to the pictorial part of this “Devil’s Harvest” poster…..Of course, they also came back from their bedrooms spouting out something about being part of the “Fifth Column Sowing Destruction in the Youth of America”!!….Anyway, I’m sure the Devil’s Harvest Poster, Part II, will have Michael Phelps on it with some mention of “The Sixth Column” and “A Good Guy ‘Best Athlete in the Whole Wide World’ Until He Takes a Hit from a Bong”…..What a world! What a world!


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