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Love these sites like “10 Greatest Remaining Greek Sculptures” (or my personal favorite, “10 Greatest Remaining Geek Sculptures”)….This one is the incredible “Laocoon and His Sons”…..As the Good Book says, “It is another monumental marble sculpture housed in the Vatican Museums in Rome. The statue is attributed by the Roman author Pliny the Elder to three sculptors from the island of Rhodes: Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydoros. It shows the Trojan priest Laocoon and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being strangled by sea serpent”……OK, so I already memorized “Pliny the Elder”….now on to Agesander, Athenodoros, Polydoros, Antiphantes, and Thymbreaus…..Couldn’t at least one of them be named “Brian”??

Posted: September 30, 2008 in animals

Could somebody PLEASE get me a helicopter, pick me up on the roof of my office building (watch out for the guys sealing the flat roof with steaming hot something or other—thought it was supposed to be hot-hot tar, but looks like—and smells like—hot, hot Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup—maybe Willy Wonka’s in town??)—-Anyway, pick me up in the helicopter and motor forth to this sailboat and drop me therein—Work is getting to me and I need an alternative location to soothe my savaged brain cells—and this looks like just the spot to do that….Oh, and by the way, DO NOT come and pick me up…..Just let me mellow out there & fade into non-existence (some call it “retirement”—I prefer “non-existence”—then I don’t have to worry about my 401k, Medicare, my cousin’s kids’ college debts—which I foolishly co-signed onto, judgmental retirees who have more money because they were oh-so-smart or oh-so-lucky-inheritance-wise or just oh-so, etc., etc.)…..Just leave me in peace….I’m sure I can survive for a few years on coconuts and fishing with a sharp stick!

Maurice Braun, Autumn in New England

Posted: September 29, 2008 in animals

Ah, Fall is upon us (kind of) here in Wisconsin, home of Fall….That is why I am featuring this evening, “Autumn in New England”….New England is the home of Autumn, Wisconsin, Fall…New England is the home of Acadia National Park, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells….New England is the home of Harvard, Wisconsin, the Online University of Shiocton….New England is the home of David Letterman (I think….I could be wrong on this….Dave, forgive me if I’m wrong…Don’t you even think of starting to go after me like you got after that poor John McCain fella for canceling out on your show), Wisconsin, the home of Edgar Fetzendelder (you know, the guy that has that one-act play, “My Life, Her Loves, Our Arguments” over at the Bethel Lutheran Drama Emporium & Gift Shoppe in Hales Corners)….Guess picking the New England Autumn painting was the right way to go….No wonder those New Englanders are so damned stuck up!….We ain’t got nothin’ here, not even a decent Fall!!

Vincent van Gogh, Auvers-sur-Oise

Posted: September 29, 2008 in animals

When you say “Van Gogh,” you just know it’s gotta be great….You can say other names like “Vago the Visigoth” and you’re really not sure whether it’s going to be dreck or dreamy or a classic (generally I’ve found Vago’s work to be in the dreck to dreadful range, but, hey, that’s just me….one person’s Van Gogh is another person’s Vago!!….Anyway, the Master (Van Gogh, not Vago) provides us with another reason to rush to any art gallery that has any of his works (and definitely to any exhibition that has lots of his works)…”Auvers-sur-Oise” by the Dutch Master.

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There is something about this terrific photograph that reminds me of the youth I DID NOT HAVE….Oh, well, at least I can gaze upon photos such as these (provided by the awesome Stumbler LLBwwb….who also has my favorite icon evah!) and remind myself that what I had as a youth was cleaner, nobler, humilicious (that’s another term of lusciously heaping amounts of humility such that the rest of humankind, upon noticing such lusciousness of humility, stop and ponder their own lack of humiliciousness)…..Oh, who am I kidding….My youth was EXACTLY like this photo….sure the woman was not as awesomely awesome nor I as manfully manly….and sure the setting was the back of the local filling station next to the re-tread tires and the “get the key from the owner” plywood bathroom….and sure we had only known each other for about 5 minutes (she pulled in to fill up her tank and I was the tank filler)….And sure……..oh, please make me stop….Quizzler Stops….Now, as I was saying, this is one heck of a great photo….the colors, the textures, the composition, etc…..Makes me wonder though where they keep the re-tread tires and how come the photographer is hiding the plywood “get the key from the owner” bathroom….What’s up???

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These are the two guys that have been managing my 401k plan these past five years…This photo was taken 5 years ago…No wonder my account is in such disarray!!….Despite being just skeletal heads, both of these crooks made $4 million a year during that period, retiring with a Golden Parachute worth a cool $46 million several months back (actually they were fired for their not cheating their customers out of even more money….Had they just quit after cheating me & my fellow customers out of the maximum amount of money, they would have gotten a Parachute worth $418 million dollars….go figure)….I hope they rot in Hell….Of course, they may have been in Hell long before they started managing my account being so skeletal and only-headish and all….Well, I hope their skulls rot in Hell!!….Thanks to my Stumbler friend Lisabel for unearthing the Truth about this!!

My cousin Nedley (I think he’s my cousin…he acts that way) gave his brother Buzzy one of these for his last birthday….We all laughed and laughed, chortled and chortled when he opened it, but he now, after working with the kit (and ordering some extra parts from Ex-SovietUnion dot com), he has created a mini-nuclear reactor in the kids’ room in his basement (right next to the Lois Lane pinball machine he bought a couple years ago at the local synagogue’s annual Corned Beef Carnival)….We laughed & chortled when we saw it, but he had it checked out by some Bush Nuclear Energy Authority and he is now on the Enemy Combatant/Insurgent/Axis of Evil list….he’s being shipped out to some place called…..well, I can’t say or I’ll be on the list, too….Anyway, according to the Bushco Authority guy, Buzzy has created a reactor with twelve times the potential destructive force of the entire Latvian nuclear program (should there be an implosion or explosion or some other kind of plosion)….They’re letting Buzzy go for the time being so long as he encases his mini-reactor in a combination of aluminum foil and Saran Wrap (bound tightly together by mucilage) and promises to place it 5 feet further away from the Lois Lane pinball machine….It’s that or some….well, I can’ say, can I.