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What can I say??….Just when I thought I’d run out of finding gorgeous redheaded ladies in red, Darla here shows up at my door and hops into my computer, somehow wending and winding her way all the way to my Stumble site….Wow, what a woman!….The Lady in Red!…duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, The Lady in Red!…Thank you dear Darla, you made my otherwise humdrum Sunday much less humdrumish!!

Reminds me of a young woman in college that I had a slight crush on (I was never one to have a HUGE crush on someone unless they had, in even a small way, reciprocated a bit of that crush feeling…why waste one’s time on the unattainable and the disinterested)….Her name was Cecilia, but everyone knew her as Nancy….oh, excuse me, everyone knew her as either Ceecee or Sessy, except me (and probably her parents) who called her Cecilia….She was a Bio/Math double major so only saw her once in a while in class (took GenEd Music and Art History classes, both of which “spawned” my strong interest in the arts…thus proving the value of liberal arts education, etc., etc., etc.)….She really sucked in those classes for some reason and came to me for help more than once (although I found it difficult to teach her how to identify the difference between snippets from Vivaldi & Telemann, for example, or cubist pieces by Picasso & Braque, for example…..and, to be truthful, I was such a rube in these areas myself that I often spent hours teaching myself before tutoring her)….Anyway, she wasn’t too appreciative or too much fun….think she just thought of me as her tool (instrument) to an A…..But, being a male (a young male), I put aside my faint feelings of rejection and decided to just think of her as a very pretty coed who deigned to let me into her room once a week for an hour (at most!) to get her an “A”….Several years later, when we were very near graduation and she was at a house party I was throwing (a rented 300 square foot dumper of a house, but still my house…$250 a month with utilities!), she parted from her pre-med boyfriend for a second and stumbled her pre-med loveliness over to the springs-poppin’-out couch I was on and plopped next to me….She hugged me and told me those 2 A’s in music & art had put her in fine position to graduate summa cum laude….and told me that that was the nicest thing anyone had done for her during her college career….and that had I asked her out, she would have said “no,” of course, but that she would have felt really, really bad about it…then she kissed me on the lips (this was a drunken party after all), raised her lovely self, and disappeared into history….Was then that I fully realized how smart I had been in having slight, mini-crushes on lovely creatures who didn’t really care…..Wish I had continued to be that smart once I got out of college, but no such luck….fell “huge-crush-wise” for the first lovely woman whom I helped get an “A” in “How to Fix and Maintain Your Car” at the local tech college…all she wanted was the “A”….she didn’t really care about me or how to keep her carburetor clean….as Dylan would say, only a pawn in her game!

One of my favorite 19th century painters….Pissarro…Hermitage in Pontuaz….As the art snobs I don’t hang around with would say, “Delicious!”.

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I had not heard of this! Imagine my surprise when I read: The Flying Spaghetti Monster (also known as the Spaghedeity) is the deity of a parody religion called The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and its system of beliefs, “Pastafarianism”. The religion was founded in 2005 by Bobby Henderson to protest the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to require the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution.

In an open letter sent to the education board, Henderson professes belief in a supernatural creator called the Flying Spaghetti Monster which resembles spaghetti and meatballs. He furthermore calls for the “Pastafarian” theory of creation to be taught in science classrooms.

I don’t really care what people believe in on their own time, so long as it doesn’t destroy society or hurt anyone who, if left to normal standards, would not be hurt. So the evolution-creationism controversy really isn’t a controversy to me….just a sidebar to daily life at this point. But this IS a funny parody.

Marc Chagall…Window at the Dacha….Awesome!

The kids are ticked…..Beef-Parsley Broth for breakfast again!!….”Mama, haven’t you ever heard of Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms….we’d even take 100% Bran Buds with Raisinettes!!….or how about one of those Jimmy Dean Microwave Sausage & Egg Biscuit Breakfasts served to you by the Sun???….Huh?…But no, every morning, same damn thing!….And you & Papa in the real dining room having multi-grain honey pancakes and huge sausage links and scrambled eggs and bacon and fresh-squeezed Uzbekistan orange juice and freah-baked cinnamon rolls and hot coffee!!….Can we at least have some soda crackers and some water that doesn’t have little funny things floating around in it??….What the hell is wrong with you, Mama??….And Chicken-Seaweed Broth for Lunch!!…Just take us out back and shoot us, why dontcha!!….Oh, you love us and don’t want us to become grossly obese like you and Papa….Oh, OK, now we understand….It’s for our own good…OK, we love you, too.”

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For the Creddentown High Homecoming last year, Jamie Maloney (left bencher on their semi-crudsville football team, but still admired beyond all reason—he was, after all, ON the football team) and a couple of his jock friends (The Killman, BruiseBucket, & Squash—they actually PLAYED so they got to have nick-names)hired this exclusive limo service out of Milwaukee to drive them and their uber-gorgeous dates (what else) to dinner at Lorna’s Supper Club, to the dance at the High School (theme: “Memories of Hawaii and Italy: A Romantic Journey”)….This was their chauffeuresse, Dorothy LaMore (the cleverness of which was totally lost on the youthful passengers—and rightly so—guess she was used to chauffering for Veterans of World War II and Korea parties)…..And that automobile….Wow!….Back seat area was like a Vegas lounge, complete with $50 bottle of MD 20/20, a $35 mini-platter of assorted saltines and peanuts, and a small stage with a wind-up monkey who played “The Lady in Red” on cymbals!!