Gene Diakono, Dali (sculpture).

Now I know why Salvador Dali was such a wild & crazy surrealistic dude…….HIS HEAD WAS SCREWED ON THE WRONG WAY!….This is one great bust (this coming from a guy who knows his great busts…..well, every guy THINKS he knows great busts so I guess I’m not all that special….and I so wanted to be special in life….special like a guy like Dali who blew the collective mind of the masses with paintings that cry out to you, “What the hell do I mean, huh??”)……I have figured a few of his paintings out on my own, but mostly I have to go to or InfoPlease to get the full story (although I still wonder if these sites are actually giving me the straight dope…..I mean, how can you explain Dali’s career and all of his major works in a paragraph and half….with one tiny-tiny photo of that melting watch painting!)….Great sculpture bust of “Hello Dali” by Gene Diakono (it’s really just titled “Dali,” but I’m so lame when it comes to resisting lame, and juveniley so, humor…Sorry.


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