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Paintings by RenĂ© Magritte

Posted: January 31, 2008 in animals

Rene Magritte, Time Transfixed (1939)….I know this is probably the most-seen Magritte painting on these sites, but he did a helleuva job so I am paying homage by posting it on my humble blog….One of the first paintings on the PowerPoint when I took this art class for the classless at the University (was one of those alumni-type courses they offer to make graduates feel as if they still have an educational (and artistic) pulse)….Most of us were there to find compatible life-partners (it was either this or slumming at the Plaza Bar for potential partners who didn’t smoke or drink too much—-not a high percentage approach to partnerdom!)…..Of course, most of the women were either married or just interested in ART (I sat there the whole time wishing my name was “Art”).

Photo – The Lighthouse Family

Posted: January 30, 2008 in animals

My “box of rocks” (I’m told) Great-Great Uncle Naerod (pronounced “Knee Rod”) lived in this semi-nifty looking lighthouse during the Sequel to the Great War (WW II) and for several years thereafter…..He thought of it as an operational lighthouse even though it was 45 miles from the nearest body of water (Crystal Creek….is that a “body”?) and had no beacon light….and none of those really sweet curving stairs you find in ALL legit lighthouses…..there was just a metal fireman’s pole…..when he thought a ship or other water vessel was near, he’d shimmy all the way to the top landing (exhausting!) and look around for exactly 4 minutes….legend is that if he ever saw any such vessel, he had 5 lifesavers ready to throw to the survivors (of course, he never, ever saw anything but a bunch of birds and squirrels so I don’t have to explain WHY he thought that survivors would be involved….mysterious is the mind of Naerod!)…..if he didn’t see anything after exactly 4 minutes, he’d slide down the fireman’s pole and have an Old-Fashioned Sweet with 4 olives and 5 cherries! Future Naerod stories to follow….or perhaps not.

Lucinda Williams….fabulous, remarkable, listenable-to-the-max, brilliant….If you don’t have any of her downloads/CD’s, start downloadin’ or trample on over to a non-Best Buy-type place (do I really have to tell you WHY I don’t like Best Buy—and it has nothing to do with CD prices and all to do with horrible-beyond-belief service and that arrogant attitude and that……..don’t get me started!!) that sells CD’s, and try any of her albums….Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is my favorite, but the others I have are super, too….Lucinda Williams (self-titled), Sweet Old World, World Without Tears, Essence, and her most recent, West….really, try just one and you’ll be hooked, guaranteed (my guarantee does not, of course, include anything other than my telling you “I’m sorry you have such rotten taste in music….so you didn’t like the Beatles or the Stones or U2 or Springsteen, either??? What the hell is wrong with you!!”……nothing like one of your “money-back guaranteed” guarantees!! I’m tooooo poor….and toooooooooo semi-intelligent.

My second best friend (on my mother’s side), Eeno, during the last seconds of the recent Packer loss to the Giants football game….caught this pic with my Kodak 1 megapixel FunShots Digital that I got free in a box of Caramel-Chocolate Nut Cluster Cap’n Crunch (supposedly really high in fiber….or was it sugar?….or both?)….Eeno was one pissed-off dude after the Pack sucked for four quarters and a mini-overtime….Threw my 6 foot abstract granite statue of Brett Favre through the cheap panel wall that separates my entertainment room from my home movie theater (a couple of folding chairs and a microwave for popcorn…..some day I hope to be able to afford the “theater” part)….Told Eeno that he had to learn to control himself, to let the anger slowly run down his arms and out of his fingertips (learned that at Bob’s School of Relaxation Techniques & Taxidermy)…..Eeno told me to go “F…” myself and then threw me through the cheap red plywood wall that separates my entertainment room from my “All Schlitz, All the Time” beer room……Other than these Packer loss incidents, he’s a really “touchy-feely” sort of guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless the fly was wearing a Giants helmet, that is).

TechEBlog & (Video) Transformer Table

Posted: January 28, 2008 in animals

This is the table I’m going to use for my Uber-Super Super Bowl ShinDig (does anybody use that term anymore—guess it refers to having a really good time diggin’ somebody’s shins—or maybe not?)…..Anyway, this table is perfect….You get a Huge Wedge of Cheddar and put it on one of the wedges….you dump some Doritos and Tostitos and ConchaRitos (family recipe) on another wedge….slop a couple of gallons of Chunky Old El Paso on another wedge….and use one wedge to hold all of your cans of Schlitz and Old Milwaukee (not really beer, but the price is right)….then use the little open gaps between some of the wedges to dump your crumbs, dirty napkins, and empty beer cans (crushed-on-the-head, of course) onto your new carpet….all the while enjoying the “just spectacular” game between the……well, I forget (being from Wisconsin and all)…..and who the hell watches anything but the commercials anyway, huh!……unless, of course, the network’s showing some sort of costume malfunction with Tom Petty!!……ewwww, that’s nasty….and I love Tom Petty (his music, that is).


Posted: January 26, 2008 in animals

This is a piece of art called an “assemblage”…..kinda like doing those dioramas in a shoe box that I did in grade school, but with a truly artistic vision (my shoebox dioramas, not so artistic!)….The meaning of this piece seems obvious at first (I mean song bird and all), but the more you look at it and think about it…..well, what IS going on here??? Many of the other assemblages on this site are even more interesting than this one (so why did you pick this one fool!!)….don’t think “assemblage” was a part of my vocab before this….so if I use it ten times in a sentence, it’s mine!!….such as “I are an assemblage!”

Van Gogh Museum – Het gele huis

Posted: January 26, 2008 in animals

As with many of you, have had the fortune of seeing a number of Van Gogh paintings in exhibits…..None of the great paintings that I have seen demand to be seen in person as much as Van Gogh’s….it’s a cliche I know…..but just see one of his paintings in person and that is absolutely clear….a unique genius who, at times, uses his paintbrush like a mini-trowel…This site, the Van Gogh Museum, provides a terrific opportunity to view some of his works in very close detail….amazing…..well worth many visits.